Corvette Vagabond

US Euro Car Collections

Corvette Vagabond visits US and European  Car Collections::The fraternity of Corvette owners extends across the pond with a familiar description; "Big, Bold, Powerful, a Dream Car". It was time for the Corvette Vagabond to hit the road again and find out why this fascination exists. I did not make every stop as planned, but I did have the ride of a lifetime.

Countries visited were Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Monaco, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark.

40 Families hosted the Corvette Vagabond and graciously extended their wishes for a safe journey. Interest in the trip was followed on forums all over Western Europe. Along the way, I was interviewed, honored and more importantly, the car served as a way to get to know people, all with a common bond, but with very different interests and life experiences. 

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