Corvette Vagabond
Jack Panzica- Corvette Vagabond

I was just 16, a junior in high school and had grown up watching the TV series, " Route 66".  In this early TV show, two young men, Buzz and Todd, traveled across America in the early 60's in a Corvette roadster seeking adventure every week.  A high school friend brought a 1957, black fuel injected Corvette to school.  It was love at first sight.....but it would take 6 years before I could afford to buy one.

In 1969, I purchased my first Corvette, a 1961 convertible for $900.   Unfortunately, in 1970 the motor blew up and the car caught fire, a total loss. By then, I was hooked and with the insurance money, bought the 1966 Roadster, that I still have today.  Forty two years, 300,000 miles later and after many hours spent through the years with DIY maintenance and restoration, both of us are still on the road. 

I drive my car almost every day, even in light snow, and truly enjoy the feeling I get each time I reve-her-up. What's equally fun, are the unsolicited reactions so many people have about the car; enthusiastic thumbs-up, a broad smile, a twinkle in their eye comment of "nice car."

As a Corvette owner, corvette forums member,  and life-long enthusiast, I am among friends. This fraternity of people have encouraged my learning, supported my wild dreams and continue to amaze me with their generosity.

I appreciate the opportunity to give back by helping others on the many forums dedicated to Corvettes and in sharing my corvette adventure stories. The fellowship extend to me during the 2010, 48 U.S State trip kept me in good stead as I traveled through Europe in the summer of 2012. 

The common refrain continued to be " I wish I could do that!"  

"Come on, slide behind the wheel and take a ride with me!"- Jack 
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