Corvette Vagabond
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HISTORY: In the summer of 2010, I took a road trip that I had planned to make in my early 20's; before life got in the way. The goal was to drive my 1966 Corvette (40 years as owner) to 48 US states and through photos and interviews, document the  'love affair' that long-time Corvette owners have with their cars. I became the 'Corvette Vagabond'.

48 State U.S. Trip: Through the support and encouragement of many, this dream became a reality. Over 3 months and 20,000 miles, 74 people opened their homes to me, many more rallied with parades and 'meet ups' along the route and thousands followed this corvette adventure through forums, blogs and via email. The hospitality that was extended by complete strangers with a common bond was amazing and I could not have realized my dream without their generosity.  The often expressed refrain was "I wish I could do that."

12 Country European Tour: Interestingly, a few folks from Europe checked-in with me along the way and I noticed that their kinship towards American muscle cars and the iconic Corvette was similar, but different than in the U.S. 
After my U.S. trip, I started corresponding with people from more than 8 countries and their enthusiasm and fascination with these cars is of interest to me.

Another adventure awaited! The fraternity of Corvette owners extends across the pond with a familiar description; "Big, Bold, Powerful, a Dream Car", but WHY?

At the end of the summer of 2012, my car was on a container ship. I met it in Oslo, Norway on September 14, 2012. That was the beginning of a 12 country tour extending over 7,500 miles by car and 800 miles via ferry. The Europeans were equally as enthusiast as the Americans had been, providing me shelter, corvette kinship, wonderful life stories and hosting events to welcome the Corvette Vagabond.

The greatest learning of all was a heartfelt appreciation of America's role in the recovery of Europe after WWII.  42 families opened their homes to me, it was amazing!

"Come on, slide behind the wheel and take a ride with me!"- Jack
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